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Finding that perfect baked good with homemade taste and freshness without that grocery store/high end bakery price? 

The passion that drives our bakery and love of what we do just for you!

We are the home of the Moravian Sugar cake, whose recipe has been refined by Susan Bostian after months of research. She spent time during 2023 researching the original recipe from Schubert's Bakery in Nazareth, the original creators of Moravian Sugar Cake dating back to the early 1900's.
Once Schubert's closed, the recipe got lost, and other bakeries tried to replicate the delicious dessert.

In September of 2023, the new version (flour has certainly changed over the years) was unveiled and we listened to the public. After many taste tests and tasting events, a final recipe was perfected!  Selling out of Broad St. Sweets (now closed) was a great opportunity to meet the public and get feedback. 

Now, Think Pink Nights will continue the Moravian Sugar Cake tradition, but from our  PA Dept. of Agriculture-registered, inspected and insured home-based bakery (no storefront). Lead baker, Susan Bostian, is ServSafe certified as a food manager, and maintains the strict standards in creating all baked goods!


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